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The production process of DESHIDRATADOS DEL MEDITERRÁNEO, S.L. It begins with the harvesting of the raw material, in its optimal state of maturation, the ideal moment in which the fruit has all its nutritional potential.

With the dehydration process that we have developed, and dehydrating in the next 24/48 h after harvesting, we have managed to preserve all the benefits and properties of the products.

Finally the product is packaged under the NatHey brand.

Production process steps

• Harvesting at the optimum moment of ripening

• Transport to the factory of those products that are going to be handled in the next 24/48 hours

• Product preparation

• Cutting and placing on trays

• Dehydration process

• Heavy and dehydrated

In our process, the most important thing is to respect the biological clock of the raw material that we are going to handle, and as soon as it arrives at the factory to avoid inert times, so that in this way it preserves all its aromas and nutrients.


What is NatHey?

• It is a 100% ecological product, collected at the optimum moment of maturation; No added sugars, colorants, additives or flavor enhancers.

• Our dehydration system allows to preserve all the properties and nutritional values.

• We use seasonal raw material from our own farms or local agriculture.

• We use the 25 gram container as it is the daily intake recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization)

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